Ducks at Glan Clwyd Isa

Ducks At The Door | Glan Clwyd Isa

We love the wildlife that surrounds us here at Glan Clwyd Isa. The birds and beasts who share the countryside and farmhouse with us are an integral part of the Glan Clwyd Isa holiday accommodation experience.


Our neighbours the ducks and geese, and many of their extended family, wander throughout the estate everyday and are always a constant source of smiles for guests.


Bed & Breakfast guests staying with us often come for breakfast to find the family saying hello at the farmhouse door!


Our feathered friends spend most of their time near our lake, which is also very popular with guests who enjoy fishing. The lake is one of the most tranquil and private spots for miles, a real joy to pass the hours in regardless of the weather.


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